Rakesh Kansal

Bhatinda, Punjab

The promise of a trusted and expert solar brand

Working as a wholesaler in Bathinda, Punjab, I wanted an expert energy solution for my shop. While busy searching, a dealer/retailer in my area informed me about the multiple benefits of the Livguard solar solution. Confident of the best practices of Livguard because of my business relations with the group, I went for a 3.5 KVA commercial off-grid solar solution on its guidance.

  • The solar experts gave me clarity on everything, answered all my doubts, and involved my technicians in the installation process.
  • The end-to-end installation activity was hassle-free. The service team was also very efficient, quickly resolving my requests.
  • Satisfied with the overall performance of the solar solution, I went for a 10 KW 3 phase solar system for my home.
  • Truly an excellent choice for investment as these solar solutions offer reduced electricity bills and maximum savings.
Overall Satisfaction

Sultan Hussain

Bikanar, Rajasthan

A solar solution built for expert performance and extra savings

Being involved in the dairy business in Bikaner, Rajasthan, I was thinking about switching to solar for some time. After multiple enquiries about the right solar solution, one of my close friends advised me about the Livguard expert solar solution. Paying attention to his suggestion, I decided to install a 3KWp residential on-grid solar solution at home.

  • After making the first call with team Livguard, they guided me properly and helped in necessary government approvals and civil work. The entire installation process was a seamless experience due to the active team involvement.
  • Talking about the expert performance of my solar solution, it is generating around 12-13 units of electricity every day along with my less electricity bill.
    I am extremely satisfied with its overall working and it is clearly a true value for money.
Overall Satisfaction

Pintu Yadav

Srinagar, Rajasthan

An expert solar solution with an extraordinary after-sales service

While looking for a better energy solution for my shop, I was facing a major problem regarding which brand to choose. Further, being in the transport business, I had little time to search for the best solar brand. I came to know about Livguard expert solar solution via my known dealer. He explained the benefits in detail and offered me an end-to-end customized solar solution. After discussion with me and examination of my site, the Livguard team installed a commercial 8 KWp on-grid solar solution at my property.

  • When I was contacted, the Livguard solar team carefully listened to my energy needs, answered my doubts, completed all paperwork, and ensured a smooth installation process. They also gave an excellent after-sales service.
  • I am truly happy with my expert solar solution, as it reduced my electricity bill to half from 12000 to 6000.
    In the end, I would say that Livguard is worth it for people looking for a greener alternative for energy storage solutions.
Overall Satisfaction

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