Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. This warranty card is a very important document and customers are advised to have this completely filled & kept in a safe place. In the event of a manufacturing defect in the Battery during the warranty period, this warranty card will be required along with the original invoice to process the claim. The company processing a claim will not entertain incomplete warranty details.

2. One portion of this warranty card is a tear-off and is to be filled and left with the dealer from whom the Battery is purchased. This in turn will be sent to the company for registration of warranty.

3. The warranty of your Battery shall become null and void if:

  • The Battery is transferred to a third party.
  • The Battery is found to be mishandled.
  • The Battery is not connected properly and is deployed to wrong use.
  • The contents of the warranty card and invoice are found to be tampered with.
  • The bar code on the warranty card is defaced or tampered with.
  • The serial number on the bar code is not the same as that on the Battery.
  • The Battery is found to be damaged due to improper handling by unauthorised personnel, fire, excess heat, theft, accident, wilful abuse or overcharging.
  • Any electrolyte or material other than Battery grade distilled water is used in the Battery.
  • The Battery topping up with Battery grade distilled water is not done periodically, it is not recommended to use tap water, bore-well water, RO water and rainwater for necessary topping up of Battery.
  • The Battery is found bulged due to overcharging.
  • The Battery is found damaged, burnt and burst.

4. It is the responsibility of the customer to bring suspected Battery to the nearest authorised Service Centre in case of any trouble.

5. In case your Battery develops a fault, you may contact any Authorised Service Provider. The list of our Authorised Service Providers shall be provided by the dealers from whom you have purchased the Battery. The defective Battery would be returned on "freight paid"/in an unopened condition and filled with electrolyte

6. The right to determine whether the Battery needs repair, rectification, free replacement rests with the company.

7. In case the defective battery is replaced or repaired free of cost, the warranty of such a battery with commence from the date of purchase of the original battery as mentioned in the original warranty card also not from the date of replacement given. Also the defective Battery then become of the company and become a property of the company and no rebate or scrap value will be given for it.

8. Breakage of the container or terminals of the Battery are not covered by this warranty.

9. Should the Battery require to be charged during the warranty period the same will be done on chargeable basis. This service is not covered under the preview of this warranty.

10. The warranty on the Battery being replaced free of cost shall commence from the date of sale of the original Battery as stated in the original Battery booklet and not from the date of the replacement given.

11. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of civil court at Gurugram, Haryana.

Pro-rata Warranty
a) In case of pro-rata warranty, the new battery will be offered at a Discount factor on purchase of new Livguard battery (the old battery needs to be returned) only, as per company terms; based on the below calculation or 20% (0.20), whichever is higher

[ 1 - (Service Life* / Warranty Period**) ] X 100

I. Service life is the number of months between the date of complaint and the date of sale. Fraction of months is rounded off to the next month.
II.Warranty period is the total warranty period offered for the battery (free replacement + pro-rata).

b) Compensation due to customer during pro-rata warranty period is deemed as a rebate on purchase of same or equivalent new Livguard battery type.

c) This percentage discount will apply on the prevailing MRP for the same or equivalent battery type received under warranty, at the time of claim settlement

d) Warranty settlement is governed by the Terms & Conditions indicated in the warranty card of the respective battery type.


  • Lead acid Battery contains Lead and Sulphuric Acid which are highly toxic and extremely hazardous for health and environment.
  • Lead poisoning affects the Central Nervous System causing irreversible retardation and subsequent death.
  • Unauthorised smelters tend to pollute the air and ground water with these toxic substances during smelting.
  • To safeguard society, the Government of India has notified as under:
  • It shall be the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that used batteries are not disposed off in any manner other than depositing with the dealer, manufacturer or Govt. Authorised smelter.
  • Hence, please do not discard the Battery in a trash bin or give/sell to an unauthorised person.
  • It is mandatory for our authorised dealers to accept a used Battery and provide corresponding rebate on purchase of new Battery.
  • (Please note that violations of these guidelines may lead to legal action/prosecution by Government Authorities)


1. Keep away from sparks, cigarette, open flame and candle. These can cause explosion.

2. Avoid metallic contact across terminals, as this can result in short circuits and sparking.

3. It is strongly recommended not to use any additive or dope.

4. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Drops of acid on clothing: Treat with water. Rinse it with large quantity of water before drying it.
  • Drops of acid in eyes: Rinse continuously for about 5 minutes with clean running water.


Lead, a major component in your Lead Acid Battery, is one of the most valuable metals in the world, serving numerous needs. However, lead, like many good things in life, if not handled responsibly, can harm the environment and our health. So, act responsibly. Be sure to return your used Battery to our authorised dealers only and prevent it from falling into wrong hands.


  • Ensure the cable clamps fit tightly and properly to the terminals connecting cable, which should be of adequate capacity and long enough to prevent straining of Battery terminals.
  • Apply petroleum jelly externally over the terminals after clamping to avoid corrosion.
  • Battery TOP should be kept clean and dry.
  • VENT PLUGS should be kept clean tight and LEVEL of the acid should be kept between maximum and minimum level or up to just below vent holes. Always add distilled water only, for topping up. NEVER ADD ACID.
  • AVOID INSTALLING a lower ampere hour Battery than advised by your dealer or as per Company’s application chart. Charging voltage across the Battery terminal should be 14.2V to 14.4V for 12V Battery and 28.4±0.4V for 24V system.
  • Please replace vent plug with float and keep monitoring the float periodically for stickiness due to dust etc . Top up the Battery with Distilled water if float indicates low water level.

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